Buro Chekharda is a worldwide leader in designing and building playspaces for kids and their parents.

Our portfolio includes complex playspace projects in city and suburban parks, backyards, private houses, embankments, kindergartens, playgrounds for teenagers and extreme parks.

Since its foundation in 2014 Chekharda has been protecting urban children’s right to grow up in a healthy urban environment. Daria Bychkova, the founder of Chekharda Bureau was awarded the Ford Foundation scholarship for her master’s degree and the Aström Sverker scholarship. and conducted a research project on child-friendly environments in Scandinavian cities. This experienced outlined Chekharda’s ideology.

Our playgrounds create a transition point between urban environments and wild nature. We use natural materials in our production. Flooring materials are exclusively natural as well. Unconventional, unusual elements made of stone and wood are combined with ropes and climbing nets and turned into magnificent objets d’art. Becides we use raw materials harvested directly from nature such as trees with unaltered geometry to create our playgrounds.

To meet the demands of high-skill work with basic materials and to create a sophisticated play and leisure environment for urban citizens, Chekharda developed a unique way to apply advanced digital technologies and parametric design to raw construction materials.

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