Architectural approach, site-based design & individually crafted art-objects make our playgrounds the beloved gathering space of a district or even a whole city.

Each of our playgrounds even the smallest one has an idea & a concept as a base. We reveal the idea with the help of architectural means such as composition & proportions, site design, forms & materials.

We design our playgrounds like parks, like spaces where people of all ages can play & walk.

We make deep dive in the history of the place, examine landscape, try to know who will visit our playground, what needs these people have. Only when the whole picture is clear we fill our space with details such as playing structures & landscape elements.

We believe that atmosphere & internal harmony are vitally important for a playground. Thus we don’t place typical manufactured equipment at our play spaces but create unique bespoke playing structures that fit to their surroundings.

Many of our playing constructions are art-objects, that we create like a sculptures. People want to be amazed, to be pleased aesthetically, to revel in beauty, & we meet this challenge.

As a result, each our play space is unlike others & fits ideally to its surroundings. It amazes, involves & makes children & adults to stay there for a long time