Technologies & materials

Technologies & materials

We are dedicated to wood as the primary material for our natural playgrounds, and we use unaltered geometry trees with uncut wood & branches. It’s more difficult to design from natural forms, to calculate load points & physical properties. To work with unaltered trees we need to make complex calculating of non-linear forms with digital technologies & 3D modelling software. Due to this, we can evaluate the tree & carefully extract it only when we completely make sure that this definite tree suits for the playing element This approach helps us to treat trees with care & minimize harm to nature. On the other hand, thus we can create stunning playing elements that not only correspond with strict safety standards but even surpass them. Besides, we use materials that сan be safely recycled or disposed such as metal, ropes, woodchips & sand. All materials are certified.


We use oak when geometrically complex form is need. Oaks for our playgrounds are logged & processed in Kursk Oblast. The tree is barked and dried, then treated with protective compositions. Warranty for wooden parts: 10 years


Metal elements are often used to frame logs, as supporting pillars, and as separate architectural objects. They are produced by our regional partners in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kazan. Our engineers visit the production facility and carry out an obligatory supervision of the trial assembly. Finished elements are sand blasted and covered with polyurethane or powder paint. We prefer to use grey for metal frames as it doesn't distract from the natural color of other elements. All RAL colors are available upon request. Warranty for metal parts: 20 years


On our playgrounds we use composite six cord anti-vandal ropes woven from UV-resistant polypropylene yarn with a metal core. Such ropes can’t be cut without the use of special electrical equipment.


Our nets are woven from colored parachute cords in the town of Ivanovo known throughout Russia for its weaving industry.


Chekharda’s architects use larches for linear designs. Larches are tall, straight, solid, and elastic trees. They are resistant to frost and other unfavorable weather conditions. In Northern European forests, they are second only to Oaks in terms of density. Larches are logged and processed in Sverdlovsk Oblast. Warranty for wooden parts: 10 years