We consider an axiom that everything created by nature is genuine & true.
We believe in the excellence & the wisdom of nature. And we regard it as the best evolving environment for younger generation that teaches to interact with nonstandard, to adopt to unpredictable, to constantly check abilities.

We create playgrounds that compensate deficit of pure nature in the city. There one can contact with natural forms & materials, unpredictable, unfinished & awakening fantasy. There is a space both for calm play & for adventures.

We use rough materials such as stones, stumps & trunks in their original form. We build from unaltered natural geometry trees with uncut branches & twigs. We never shape natural material but try to see beauty in nature & to find the best place for it at the playground.

We consider a landscape to be important part of a playground. Designing a space we incorporate natural landscape elements such as hills, trees & bushes into it or create new ones.

We use for our playgrounds only those materials that сan be safely recycled or disposed. Wood, metal, ropes, woodchips, sand & gravel are the main heroes at our play spaces.