От идеи до воплощения: как мы работаем

From idea to construction: How We Work

To create a playground we start with an idea & a concept, then develop design, produce playing elements structures & assemble them.


Each of our play spaces even the smallest one has an idea & a concept as a base. We visit the place of the future playground whether it is a city or a small village. The first visit is a crucial one as it gives a chance to feel an atmosphere & a mood of a place & then to create an architecture that ideally fits to its surroundings.

We make deep dive in the history of the place, its essence. It helps us to create a legend, to tell a story. We try to know who will visit our play space, what needs these people have, what is happening in the place.

We hold workshops for our clients & participations for local community. We don't just ask people what they want bit we educate them showing different concepts & types of play spaces & playing elements. We explain why we believe in natural playgrounds.

We are inspired by different things such as pieces of art, myths & legends, achievements of progress. Still the main source of inspiration is nature with its unaltered geometry trees, trunks, stones.

In such a way the concept & the idea of the playground are born. We reveal this idea with the help of architectural means such as composition & proportions, site design, forms & materials.


It’s more difficult to design from natural forms, to calculate load points & physical properties. Along with this, playing elements should correspond with strict safety standards written for the linear geometry playgrounds. To make complex calculating of non-linear forms we use digital technologies & 3D modelling software.

At first we are looking for suitable trees at forest plot, evaluate them. This helps us to choose right trees for future playing structures, to calculate points of rope fastenings & joints. Then sketch design & detailed drawing are developed.

Despite the non-standard shapes of our construction materials, we surpass safety standards and norms. Our playground elements correspond to European standard Norm EN 1176, as well as norms & requirements of the Russian Federation. Upon request, additional safety standard control can be carried out to ensure fulfillment of specific local standards.


Due to digital technologies, we can evaluate the tree & carefully extract it only when we completely make sure that this definite tree perfectly suits for the playing element. This approach helps us to preserve natural geometry and beauty of the trees & minimize harm to nature. Then trees are processed in wood workshops. Metal parts are produced by our regional partners.

All stages of production are controlled by the architect and a technician. This allows us to guarantee high quality of execution, to take fast decisions on wood selection, wood shaping, coating of the material .The trial assembly is carried out on the production area to ensure an exact fitting of spare elements

Then assembly, Installation & construction on-site are carried out by experienced professionals under personal supervision of the architect and a technician. They are responsible for the idea to be exactly developed in the material, for the structures & elements to be solid & safe, for the fastenings & joints to be stable.

All our playgrounds have supervisors who give us feedback on their usage that enables us to constantly improve our projects.