We believe that children evolve through free play. Natural playground is the organic environment for such a play.

Since we want to give children a chance to imagine whatever they want, there is no enforced decor at our play spaces. We can help kids by telling them a legend or a story but it is our intention not to portray well-known heroes.

Landscape fully participates in a play! If there are plants around where one can shelter, or hills to run on, the number of play scenarios rises. Even covering matters: unlike rubber, sand & wood chips awake fantasy.

There are many bulk materials at our playgrounds, they stimulate imagination & fantasy, fulfil tactile needs, influence positively children’ emotional state.

We collaborate with psychologists while working on our new spaces & supervise those we have already built. We observe what children like more, how they use the equipment, & this helps us to improve our play spaces

Our playgrounds stimulate the curiosity & the spirit of exploration. We strive to create non-prescriptive spaces where a problem can be solved in different ways. You can climb the trank, crawl up ropes, go down a pillar. A child can decide himself or herself how to act, it builds independence and teaches to take beneficial risk.

And also our playgrounds teach to interact with nonstandard, to adjust to unpredictable, to get adoptable.